Winter-i-zation: the realization of the impending winter paired with a To Do List!

Many people come to Alaska with questions about how to manage during the winter months. It's critical to prepare your house and vehicle for winter . Our winter really starts around mid to end of September and lasts through April or May.

Summer is a perfect time to start working on winterization. Vehicles need a winterization package which includes the installation of an oil pan heater, block heater, and a blanket for the battery. If you are driving to Alaska, it's best to wait and have this completed in Fairbanks, as mechanics here know winterization packages!  Then there's tires to think about... studded tires or at least tires with good traction for the icy road conditions we experience throughout the winter.

If you drive a vehicle, you'll be plugging in at home (if you're not parking in a heated garage) and at the University or around town.  'Plug In' at 20F and colder. Even with plugging in you'll want to start your vehicle and have it warm up a little before you drive. I have auto start and love it! I can warm up the Jeep for a few minutes while getting ready in the morning...or while at work -without having to put on boots, coat, hat and mittens.   Auto Start makes this amazingly easy.