Local Utilities and More...

Check out these local resources to help you move to the Fairbanks area. Whether you choose live in an apartment, house or dry cabin (dry= without water or a holding tank for water, outhouse included) here are a few resources which should help.

Fairbanks Fuel, Sourdough Fuel, and Polar Fuel -household heating fuel delivered to your house/cabin. Hint: after you fill the tank it's a good idea to sign up for the 'top off' service. It's worth it in the coldest winter months to have a full tank of fuel and not have to worry if you are running out.

Golden Valley Electric Association -GVEA -our electric company.

Water Wagon -for homes with a holding tank, the Water Wagon will deliver and fill your tank.

Utility Services of Alaska -two water companies in town -for those who live in homes use city water

GCI -cable, phone, internet or ACS -phone, internet, cellular service

 Fairbanks Daily Newsminer -our local daily newspaper-good for the happenings around town.

Fairbanks North Star Borough School District -all K-12 schools for the North Pole and Fairbanks areas. You can find both the district map and school year calendar at this website, however since it can take a little searching I've included them as a link District Map and 2010-2011 Calendar.

Fairbanks Chamber Of Commerce -information about Fairbanks