Hike At Angel Rocks

Angel Rocks is located on Chena Hot Springs Road (on the way to Chena Hot Springs) at mile 48.9. You'll want to be watching for mile marker 47 then 48 and slow down. The sign for Angel Rocks is to the right -turn right at the sign- if you crossed the bridge next to the sign you've gone too far. Now, if you should drive to the end of the road (yes this road ends) you've reached Chena Hot Springs -which means you really missed the sign! Watch for future postings about swimming at Chena Hot Springs. Many hikers plan a combo Angel Rocks hike and then a soak at the hot springs. My daughter and I have enjoyed this combo many times. Chena Hot Springs is open year round and best enjoyed in the coldest, darkest part of the winter (more about this later....)
Helpful Hints: 
1) you'll need  $5 for parking fee (five dollar bill or a check).
2) Leave valuables at home or put them in your backpack.
3) Cell phones will likely be out of range. 
4) Use the port-a-potty before you start hiking -otherwise you'll be squatting in the woods and packing out your TP in a baggie. 
5) There is a nice picnic area beside the Chena River. It's a great place to enjoy lunch before or after the hike.

Preparing For Alaska Hiking:
When you read about what to pack or planning for outdoor adventures in Alaska take the information seriously. Having the right gear and supplies can be the difference between life and death -for you or someone who needs assistance along the trail.

Always plan for the unexpected. Bring warm clothing, rain gear, bug spray (usually lots of mosquitoes), basic first aid supplies, water and snacks. There are some potable water sources at some trail heads and campgrounds, however it's best not to depend on these sources for drinking water. Water in the streams and lakes need to be filtered to prevent Giardia .

Trail Information:
Near the trail head you'll find the following display about Angel Rocks Trail. It's full of useful information for anyone new to hiking in Alaska -or new to hiking. Be sure to check it out. There's usually hiking handouts about the trail, whether you decide to hike 1.2 miles or the 3.5 mile loop or 8.7 miles -all the way to Chena Hot Springs.
Family Fun or Seasoned Hikers Heaven:
The trail starts with this sign post (my daughter posing with a silly smile). This hike -like most- is what you make of it. It can be a leisurely day hike or quite intense if you hike all the way to Chena Hot Springs. When we've hiked the trail we hike as far as we want and then turn around and follow it back. 

Since she was newborn, I've always brought my daughter with me on outdoor excursions. It's common to see families hiking this trail. You may want to bring the backpack carrier for kids under 3 yrs old (with mosquito netting). The start of the trail is good for large wheeled strollers but soon it's only good for hiking boots (strollers not recommended). 
Use your own best judgment about how far you plan to hike with children. Most families find the loop to be too long for young children. If you are new to hiking with children go only as far as they are happy and turn back before they are tired. Give lots of breaks for water and snacks.

As with all outdoor activities in Alaska the weather conditions change rapidly. Always plan for the unexpected. Bring warm clothing, rain gear, bug spray (tons of mosquitoes), water and snacks. Always tell someone where you are going and when you'll return.

The trail starts out beside a picnic area next to the north fork of the Chena River. The flora and fauna are beautiful throughout the spring, summer and fall seasons.

This photo shows the first stretch of the trail, which is easy going. It becomes a moderate rocky ascent.

Angel Rocks is well known by Fairbanksians for being a common place that we all love. Enjoy it!