What is a Cheechako? What is a Sourdough?

Cheechako = “A new-comer to Alaska, in need of learning about the land, wildlife, weather, and cultures of Alaska… “

Sourdough = “A person who has survived at least one winter in Alaska. A seasoned Sourdough becomes humble as s/he embraces the lessons that Alaska teaches.”

It has been said, that the conversion of a Cheechako to a Sourdough is a process which constitutes the ‘wintering’ experience or living through your first Alaskan winter.

You might ask how does one survive winter in Fairbanks Alaska? Survival gear….obtaining and utilizing the correct survival gear. Gear in this case means anything which would lead someone to surviving all aspects of a harsh winter environment. Shelter, food, water, beaver hat, bunny boots, and a warm parka are all examples of winter gear.

This website will focus on Survival Gear of another sort, which all Alaskans (Cheechakos and Sourdoughs alike) need for making it through our lengthy winter season. That gear includes making connections, attending activities, trying out common Alaskan experiences and developing friendships.

The alternative is a lonely, bored, stir-crazy, cheechako with cabin fever. Which I’m sure you’ll agree, is not the way you’d like to become a true Alaskan Sourdough.